Weaving: Carpet weaving is performed by hand using graphs and sketches.  The carpet weaving is a team work which is performed by three or four weavers according to the size of the carpet and is done with the help of yarn balls, scissors, iron-rod, levers, comb beater, etc. Washing & Drying
Stretching  The carpet has
to be stretched to bring into the original loom-stage size by stretching.

Dolma ensures in providing you with outstanding craftsmanship and guarantee using the best materials which intense durability and our carpets grown more beautiful with time and use.

Dolma is committed to making the best and beautiful quality Tibetan carpet, providing the best custom service and will put every effort in creating the right balance of design and colors.

Dolma uses hand-spun yarns, which have an uneven structure and to produce a very fine yarn for higher knots carpet.HandCarding,
Hand-Spinning, Hand-Dyeing: Hand-dyeing
is usually carried out in huge copper vessels
and after that the dyed yarns are dried
in the sunlight.

"No child labor is involved in any phase of the production process of Dolma carpets"

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